Monday, June 28, 2010

Hot, sunny and breezy today. Too hot to sit out on the porch. I think that I am going to chill inside today. I was out earlier and painted the black trim around my garage doors. Also cut some pink hydrangeas for drying. I have them hanging in the garage. Called Blaine Tree service. He's coming out tomorrow to give me an estimate for trimming my birch. That tree sags down every year no matter how much pruning it gets. It is such a pretty tree but very dirty. I love it in the winter...the bark peels and is a cinnamon color. In the spring the seeds attract American gold finch flocks. But it is always dropping seeds or dead branches and soon summer leaves...that's before autumn leaves. Oh, well, nothing is perfect.
Catch you all tomorrow...............................
I am so furious today. Spirit airline riped me off again this year charging my credit card without my authorization for their $9 club. Second year in a row. I thought that it was taken care of last year. Called and talked to a guy that I could not understand. He said the fee is non-refundable! I can't remember the last time I was so mad...well, yes I do. Back in April. I think. Called my credit card co. and it is being disputed and also I am getting a new card number.I wouldn't fly Spirit if they were the last bird in the sky...crooks!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

You know, I never thought that I would write a blog. Any blog that I have read bored me to tears and I stay away from them generally. We are in a state of communication over-load. Between e-mail, facebook/my space, twitter and blogs, cell phones,Iphones and so on, everything is being said that can be said. Some people post on facebook all day! Come now, get a real life people. I think that they are bit egocentric . Some people do nothing but complain about their lives and people comment in support. Do we really want to hear that so and so couldn't sleep last night or had a hard day at work? Then there are the folks that comment but never post there own original thoughts...the leaders and the followers.
On a positive note, I love seeing a post from my old friend who now lives in NC. I also follow the travels of my son's friend with great interest as he post pictures from around the world. So it sounds like I really need to weed through my friends list and get rid of some of these facebookers. Geez, someone come over so I can communicate face to face (someone wrote a song called that)
It's storming here and as dark as night...with that said, thanks for reading my egocentric and complaining blog! ;-)

Saturday, June 26, 2010 Tigers winning as I write!
Hello on this hot summer Sat.
Cruisin' Downriver in full swing. It's noisy out there. The lady at Lens Crafters said "Watch for my husband. He's driving a red Falcon" WOW. a Falcon...Ford I think! I'm no car expert.
Spent about an hour in my garden this am but got chased in by the rain. Did some tidying and potted up some ground cover for Tim. The first flush of my roses are about done. I keep them pruned and hope they will be blooming again when Amy gets here.
Did not see that elusive cardinal (typical male) today. Heard him singing away most of the afternoon but he did not put in an appearance.
More tomorrow.
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Friday, June 25, 2010

No time for the garden today. Had an eye exam and new glasses than this evening Tim came by and we went out to dinner.
Pre-Cruisin' festivities underway tonight out on Fort street. Tons of people sitting curb side to watch all the classic cars go by...even though Cruisin' Downriver officially starts tomorrow. Many bars have set up grandstands and tents with live music, food and drinks. Good time for the community.
Sitting on my porch this evening trying to get a picture of a beautiful male cardinal that perches on my lamp post...only when I don't have my camera. The light was perfect for photos but that stinker stayed across the street. Did get a picture of a little sparrow taking care of her family.
The weather here in southeastern Michigan was spectacular today..low humidify and plenty of sunshine.

Momma, minding the nest
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's been a year!

Forgot to post this picture of Grett's shed...aren't those daisies beautiful? Look at all the buds...they love the sun!
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Gretta's Garden

Just got back from a visit with my dear friend, Gretta. Took some photos of her garden. The Shasta daisies were at their peek and absolutely beautiful.
Both Gretta and I are older now, and our gardens have been pared down to a more manageable size. Gretta uses more pots and has, as I do, more of the "show" in one or two areas. She uses her shed as a backdrop for her favorite daisies and it works well.
It was beautiful day after a major storm last night. the storm seemed to push the temperature and humidity down and I enjoyed a walk in the metropark. Gosh, did I see the woodpeckers...redheaded, downey and flicker. they were enjoying the day as much as I.
Bye for another day...will post tomorrow with some pics of my garden.