Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Robin Redbreast

American Robin

European Robin

Stock photo of a  European Robin. It is  so cute....small and plump....the robin that you see on a Christmas card. I saw one in Ireland and fell in love with it. I had to ask someone what it was.

Of all the birds that use the birdbath, the American Robin loves to bathe the most. Sometimes they will just stand in the water. To show how much they need a bath, the water gets pretty dirty. I try to rinse and refill the birdbaths daily....I have 3 plus my kettle fountain.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer Rentals

Great view!

Multiple family home

In foreclosure

In desirable Lincoln Park neighborhood

Friday, May 25, 2012

Gardening in the sun (and heat)

Goldfinch at kettle fountain

Purple iris and salvia

Last of the clematis

A rose is a rose is a rose

( A Gertrude Stein quote I think)

Got out to my garden early this morning. It was 72 when I woke up and overcast...looked like rain. There was a nice breeze and I got all the work that I had planned done before the sun came out and the temperature jumped into the 80s. In fact, it got up to 90 according to my thermometer.

Got the back planted and tomorrow I plan on doing my front bed. Can only do so much at a time, then I have to drag my weary body inside to rest.

Sure wish my porches were set up...perfect for sitting out. My flag is flying in the breeze. Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Flower Day

Years ago, Tim, Heather and I used to go to Eastern Market on Mother's Day weekend for "flower day". I would take my red wagon and we would shop all the stalls for our annuals and for unique flower as well as bargains. It was a yearly tradition there for awhile but when Emma was born taking her into that crush was not something we wanted to do. One year I totally lost my car...could not remember where I parked. Then another year we saw all these animal carcasses hanging out of dumpsters...well, that kind of turned us off of the whole flower day thing. Now, I make my my own "flower day" and drive up to Bordine's Nursery in Rochester Hills, about 34 miles and on the way back, I stop at Telly's in Troy. Initially, Gretta went with me but she is now past even buying flowers let alone planting. Except for a few pot she has given it up altogehter. Now, I just head up there by myself.

Gardening used to be my huge passion (now, replaced by photography ans birding). I loved being out in my garden every day, trying different plants, making new beds and just digging in the dirt. Now, I get into the planting position and cannot get up! It totally wears me out. So, I have really tried to make my garden easy peasey. A lot of ground cover and perennials, just a few herbs and tomatoes have made it easier for me. Plus, I pay someone to cut my grass (thanks to the Curtis family) .

I still love being out in my yard or on one of my porches and love watching the birds take a bath in fresh water that I provide every day (sometimes twice a day)

Going up to Bordines once a year is a real treat that I look forward to every year. And the people at Telley's know what they are about. I asked a young lady if they had any Ragweed (Solidago). She did and knew exactly what I wanted and went and got two for me. ( Try these! they get quite big...3 ft. and bloom in late August until frost when most everything else is past it's prime. They are a real show stopper)

Anyway, I have about 3 days worth of work ahead getting everything in the ground but won't it all look pretty when I am done?

Monday, May 21, 2012


We were on our way to Point Pelee and drove by a house that had these fabulous poppies growing in the front yard. On the way back, the evening light was just perfect for a photo. Love the color!

Red Heads

A Red-Headed Woodpecker did this! All those holes from the top to the bottom of the tree (don't know what kind of tree it is) are drilled to get the sap to run in the spring. Also, hummingbirds will get the sap from the holes as well. Amazing sight to see and all the holes so precise.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pointe Pelee

Had a great day in Canada at Point Pelee National Park. My first birding event and was pleased to see many people with silly hats like mine. I loved the beautiful trail that we took and of course couldn't resist chasing butterflies and taking photos of wildflowers.

Rita, Ulanawa and I on out way to the point. A tram took us from the visitors center to this area and we walked the rest of the way. Birds everywhere. Never saw so many Baltimore Orioles in one place. This is where I took the swallow pictures.

Many signs warning people not to do what these folks are doing. There have been many drownings in these dangerous waters, yet, here are parents putting their children in harms way. It looks like they are walking on water, doesn't it? Could not see land at all from here but I know that Sandusky is across the lake. Hoped to see the roller coasters at Cedar Point ;-)

Ulanawa posing under sign that other people choose to ignore.

"As I was saying, she doesn't seem to be holding her camera steady. How long does she expect us to hold this pose"?

Justin, our birding guide. Very knowledgeable and a nice guy.

The best bird picture that I took all day. A Swainson Thrush. I need more classes, a better lens, new glasses, a tripod and a more positive attitude. Well, by that time the bird will have flown off. We saw so many birds and the best of the day was getting a great look at a Scarlet Tananger...which was on my wish list. What a beauty! Of, course we saw all the usual suspects like the robin and downy and so on. Here are some of the other birds that we saw, some that are now on my life list. Wild Turkey, Baltimore Oriole, Eastern Peewee, Cedar Waxwing, Orchard Oriole,American Redstart, Brown Headed Cowbird, Screech Owl, Chestnut Sided Warbler and a Great Crested Fly Catcher.

I am at a birding event and this is the best photo of the day. It is maybe a comma or a question mark butterfly...I think. Note all the apids on the leaves.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring Wildflowers

Marsh Marigold

(note caterpiller on left branch)

Rue Anemone

Don't know but isn't it pretty?

Garlic Mustard

Wild Geranium


False Solomon's Seal