Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Inside Comerica Park

It was an eerie feeling being at the park and having it empty...it reminded me of the feeling of the park in the winter with snow on the field. We got to see the visitors dugout as well as the press
box. Interesting to see the tunnel that led to the locker room and dug out. I think when I go to a game I will remember my experience of seeing the place empty. Since the Tigers are doing so well this year, every game is sold out or close to it. I admire the folks who would rather stand at the rail in the outfield. Anyway, I haven't been to a game this year but hope to get there in August.

We had such beautiful skies that evening.

 Visitor's dugout....kept thinking of all the spitting on these floors...Ha!

Each of the decades are represented with these displays around the concourse. The bottom (here in red) represent a design and color of an automobile of that decade.

This is a drain cover..... note all the detail...amazing

Outside the Park and Downtown

We had a great evening to take the tour of Comerica

Photographers hard at work

Comerica Park Tour

Photos by Jeff Thomas

Monday, July 29, 2013


The day that I took this picture was the last day that the sun shone for me. That evening I ended up in the hospital and on Friday I had a cardiac cath and 2 stents put in. I am home now and doing Ok but still have a few health issues to take care of. It is so gloomy today and I am really feeling low although I am counting my blessings and sending thanks to all the wonderful staff at Oakwood who took such good care of me.
I did see my little wren this morning and she cheers me up.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

About 7 am,  I stepped out on my back porch to find that it was a fabulous morning...58 degrees and sunny with sharp morning shadows. A beautiful male Cardinal was on a wire singing his song in the morning sunlight...bright and clear as a bell.
I noticed that my wren house had nesting material sticking out. Billy, my handyman, had hung that wren house for me a year ago March so two springs had come and gone and no wrens in sight. I did see a lady sparrow try to squeeze through the hole but she was too big. Anyway, I couldn't believe my eyes that there might be an occupant as the bird house had remained empty all this time. A few minutes later I saw a House Wren land on the top of the house. I ran in to grab my camera and after much patient waiting she returned and then finally settled inside. Maybe there is hope that the Hummingbirds will find the feeder that I hung for them a few weeks ago....patience....it's worth the wait. Now waiting for baby wrens soon to come!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Gloomy Morning Walk

I was so excited to get to Lake Erie to shoot the meadow this morning that I barely noticed the weather. As the sun came up I saw that in all other directions it was dark and threatening. It stared to drizzle as I got to the park but I decided to give it a chance with the hope that it might clear up. So, that is why my photos are a bit flat (like the light). Shots from a distance appear soft and out of focus, I think because of the haze. The picture below has an edited sky because really the sky was so gray and dull. 
I plan on getting a group together on Thursday to shoot the meadow again. I look forward every year to the meadow bursting into bloom. Usually on a nice day there are American Goldfinch and butterflies. Next month the lotus pond will be in bloom  :-) 

 Gray-headed Coneflowers
 Purple Coneflower

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Birds and Beavers

 We had a great canoe ride on the Huron River....it was hot, hot, hot. I was able to add to my life list seeing a Prothonotary Warbler.  As everyone knows, I can't swim so I suffered with a hot life jacket until I found out the water was only 3 ft. deep. Tim touched bottom with his paddle and I took the thing off.

 Common Spatterdock

 Emma and Liam

 Our interpreter

 Tim rowing



Beaver lodge


 Nature Center as seen from the river

A swarm of Summer Azures

Friday, July 19, 2013


 These two deer just stared back at me and never moved a muscle as I took several shots of them. They are too tame here at the park. Even the rabbit froze as I came upon him on the trail...I froze as well and got a good shot of the little bunny.
Still hot as hades here....temperatures will drop by Sunday but for now a strong thunderstorm predicted for this evening.

Look at that tail......that's why he is called Peter Cottontail.......thank you Beatrice Potter. All he needs now is a little blue jacket!

Cooling shade with just a peek of sunshine on the trail.

 Bumblebee on Wild Bergamot