Thursday, July 30, 2015

Last month of summer......

Well, I guess August is considered the last official month of summer then my favorite months are around the corner. Had a nice visit with Jim and Mary Ann. Jim did some yard work for me which I greatly appreciated. Tomorrow, my friend Rita is coming over to porch sit and drink lemonade and than Saturday is Crack O' Dawn. Wanting it to cool down just a little.
Gosh, everyone, politics are getting pretty interesting....we had a few lively discussions when my company was here. Just think.....a whole year to go of this craziness as the clown cars continue to drive by! Ha!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Need this heat to go away so that I can go out and shoot some photos. I really want to get to the meadow.....hope to go on Saturday with my Crack O' Dawn group. I also want to add to my collection of wildflowers. The heat makes me sick so I am not enjoying this 90 degree weather. Even getting an early start is no help because of the humidity. My last walk at Kensington, about 10 days ago, was wonderful with perfect weather and temperatures. I sure hope that the whole month of August isn't going to be this hot.
Remind me of this post in January so I can hang my head in shame  ;-)

Photoshop can fix anything.......

Sunday, July 26, 2015

McCourtie Park

 We went here on a photo shoot in 2012 with my photography class and that is the planned shoot for today. I'm not going, however, so I dug out these old photos instead. I'm sure that the pictures that I would have taken today would have been better  :-)   I'm not going today because I have a lot to do and also because it is so hot, hot, hot!  High today 88 degrees and the humidity is intense.
McCourtie Park is located in Concrete City. Michigan. All these beautiful bridges that look like trees and branches are made from concrete. This park stems back from the days when there was a huge cement operation here. Anyway, I will miss going today and also eating at one of our favorite restaurants.

Jim and Mary Ann coming to visit....can't wait to see them!
By brother is going to do some yard work for me and than we
must decide where we will go considering the heat...somewhere
inside where it is cool....then out to lunch, than dinner...yea, love going
to go out to eat!
Haven't seen them since last September. One of these days I must go
to Ohio and visit with my remaining relative...also have several
places that I want to photograph. Maybe in the's only a 4 hour drive,
not cross country.


Saturday, July 25, 2015


This little fawn was at Kensington. Look how curious he he just checking me out to see how dangerous I might be? You would think he would just run, which eventually he did. But really, I could have had a gun. Do you think that they know they are protected in the park?
I always love the surprise of catching them on the trail. Mom wasn't far away and they did both end up running off. Thanks for the picture my little family.

This deer was in the meadow at Lake Erie Metropark and was much more cautious and skittish. I took this from the car and was stopped so I was surprised that he didn't stick around longer.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Carousel

The Detroit Riverwalk

 What a lovely evening downtown and great photo ops as well.  Enjoyed the company of everyone in our photography group and especially the great company and meal in Mexican town.

 The RenCen towers over everything
 I love these dragonflies

The Collen Family Carousel at the Rivard Plaza was especially designed for the City of Detroit.
The carousel has become an icon for the city.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

 Saw this Red Admiral in my garden today. it's a little beat up but I was so glad to see a butterfly taking advantage of all the flowers that I planted for them....wish the hummingbirds would as well.
We have a photoshoot tomorrow at the Detroit Riverwalk. Sure hope it cools off or I won't go.....I can hardly breath out there right now. Looking forward to shooting the RenCen, the river barges and maybe some butterflies at the beautiful gardens right there in the park.


Saturday, July 18, 2015

More Michigan Wildflowers

 Pointed-Leaved Tick-Trifoil
 Crown Vetch
 Joe Pye Weed

 Butterfly Weed
 Hairy Willow Herb
 Water Hemlock