Monday, August 31, 2015

Krishna Temple Detroit

 On Wednesday when we were exploring Detroit we stopped by this Krishna Cultural Center. My son remembered visiting here in the early 90s. We stopped to talk to a nice young lady that was very helpful and welcoming and gave us a tour and also a packet of information. We were actually the only people there. We took off our shoes to enter the on...

 This is in the temple itself....when we walked through the door a very strange thing happened. I am not a very spiritual person and don't believe in this kind of stuff but there was unexplained phenomenon in this room. It felt like I was walking through a force field, a water- like resistance and when I stopped my body was vibrating. I know it sounds silly but when we walked out all that feeling left. My son thought the room was filled with energy. I am going to talk to my yoga teacher about it. Can't stop thinking about curiosity is peaked.

Thanks, Tim, for taking me on this interesting adventure :-)

for more information and beautiful pictures of the inside of the temple go to:

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Look What We Found

 In a deserted neighborhood in the Mack/75 area we found this wonderful ringneck pheasant. The area was abandoned and overgrown, almost all the homes torn down. The sidewalks were barely visible and the strange sight of street signs on the corners gave it an apocalyptic vib. I don't see these beautiful birds in the parks but they seem to be thriving in this urban area.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Another Busy Day Spent at Greenfield Village

Had a wonderful day at the Village until I got stung by a bee...but that's another story. I have almost 300 pictures from there as well as pictures from Detroit all waiting to be edited and some interesting stories to tell as well.

I've Been Busy

in case anyone wonders

 I had my landscape guy over to get some yard work done. He cleaned out all the weeds behind the garage and then re-worked my front flower bed. All the perennials that I had there were old and diseased so all that went and we just made a small bed around the light pole. I still need to plant grass.  I ordered some tulip bulbs and also plan on a planting a few mums. Have to keep down sizing.

Happy Birthday to Me!

I had a great birthday! 

a reflective selfie
St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church near Eastern Marker
Grounds of Krishna Temple
Thanks to my family for driving me all around and for lunch at Slow's. I had a wonderful day.
More to follow of all my adventures

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Bug!

I was blowing all those pesky acorns from my driveway and felt a tugging at the back of my hair and jacket collar. I thought that it was a twig and finally when I got done, I grab this....a bug!!! that looks just like a leaf. I always called these leaf hoppers but evidently they are Broad-winged Katydids. Even though I am not a bug fan, I will admit that this one is pretty cool.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Walking Along

 Along the meadow

 Along the marsh
Song Sparrow

Tree Swallows

Cardinal Flower
 Along the lake

Heading home

Monday, August 24, 2015

Greektown Detroit

 It seems that whenever I go to Greektown I don't have the time to take pictures. Usually I am with someone else and I know folks (unless they are other photographers) do not want to wait around while I am composing a really have to work around the people in the street. But, it is so colorful both during the day and at night. I got a few shots when I was there with my grandkids last week. One of these days I will go for the sole purpose of getting some great Greektown shots!