Saturday, April 30, 2016

Just some updates

on all that is going on at my house. I had a water leak right before I went to South Carolina and when I got back I discovered that I had Carpenter Ants. So, leak repaired, ants fumigated and ceiling patched and painted.....a $650 leak. I don't understand why life can't go smoothly. My whole house is tore up as I am in a spring clean fever. Have got to put the kitchen back together. It seems that there is no time to have any fun. I have Crack O' Dawn next Saturday but doubt that I can walk because of a bad toe. I also hope to go to shoot some tulips with my photographer friends on Monday. Can't seem to get to yoga because something comes up every Wednesday. I am getting downright disgusted! I try to tell myself that things could be so much worse but since January there has been one thing after another.
I'm remembering (to try to cheer myself up) a Sunday in late summer, when I went to church at St. Josephs (now closed for steeple repair) and after went to Belle Isle. It was such a beautiful day. Haven't had a chance to go there again or back to Lower Huron to catch the Redbuds in bloom. Life is too short and I an too old to let any of this pass me by.

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