Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Travels With Carol, Greece

 We started off our trip by spending several days in Athens where Susan and I explored the old city, the Acropolis and so on. After that we boarded our ship for a one week cruise of the Mediterranean with ports of call in Rhodes, Turkey, Crete, Patmos, Mykonos, and Santorini.  OMG, what beautiful, beautiful scenery. I will never forget that trip.....climbing to the top of a fortress in Rhodes (as seen in the picture above), it seemed every island required a climb to the top. Then there were the wonderful smell of wild herbs on Crete and of course the beautiful ruins of the Minoans....., so much history on all the islands...we walked the path of St. John on Ephesus, Turkey,.....and lastly the most beautiful place of all, Santorini. We were lucky enough to eat dinner on the patio of a restaurant overlooking the caldera there. We could see our ship anchored and watched as the sun set on this most beautiful scene. So lucky to have seen this wonderful place.
There were some funny stories to tell and I will also make a comment on the food....not crazy about Greek food but luckily on board the ship we had other choices. This is a funny one...on our way back from Turkey we were hoarded into a big room and as we sat on benches around 3 sides of the perimeter, we were served Turkish tea. Then, we were subjected to carpet salesmen in the middle of the room displaying large rugs. We were trapped! Finally, I said to Susan "Let's get out of here" and we walked over the rugs and out the door. Some of our group did buy carpets and had them shipped to the USA. What a sales technique. After seeing the ruins in Ephesus, we had to go thru a large bazaar to get to the bus. We were surrounded by vendors grabbing at us. I really wanted to shop but was afraid and just wanted to get out of there.
 There's Susan defending the castle ;-)
Me, in Ephesus, Turkey
 This was a beautiful restaurant on the island of Mykonos.  Another interesting story, while on the island we were looking for a public restroom. When we found it, there was a line and when I finally got in, there was just a hole in the ground!. Left and just held it until we got to a restaurant.
Beautiful Santorini. This is our ship, looking pretty small out there.....our view as the sun set. All of the photos that I took were with my 35 mm Pentax so these photos were scanned and the beauty was lost in the translation. I am so lucky to have such great memories of my travels.
Watch this page for more travel with me, Carol. Next Sicily!

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