Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Good Day

Just checking in with everyone to say I am happy that my long month of doctor appointments and tests are almost over. One more appointment on Tuesday and I can relax the rest of the summer.
My granddaughter is arriving in one week and we have lots of plans for her two week visit. Just hoping it cools down a little because we both hate hot weather. Love having her here and plan on getting her together with her cousins as well.
Tonight we have a photo shoot.....I haven't been out with my photography group for quite some time. We are headed down to Monroe to photograph the oldest building in Michigan. Will post some photos tomorrow.
I feel bad that my brother is not coming to visit this summer. I hope to get to Ohio to see them in the fall. I guess that I am just used to their visit so I am feeling sad.
Had bad news this morning. My son-in-law posted on my facebook page that the nature center at Huntington Beach State park burnt to the ground last night. The animals that were in there all perished as well. I love that area and always stop by to the bird feeding station....that's where I see the Painted Bunting every Spring. I hope that the State of SC can give them money to rebuild. They think the building may have been hit by lightening....still investigating. I bet the campers had quite the show at
I've decided that the whole month of August, I am doing nothing but fun stuff.....make the most if the dog days.
Has everyone been watching the convention? What a fiasco! Late at night my son texts me and we discuss the events....Dems next week.
Have a great day everyone.

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