Friday, July 15, 2016

Lake Huron

 Blue Water Bridge
 I have lived in Michigan 47 years and have never seen Lake Huron so I was so happy to get a chance to visit Port Huron. Not only did we get to see some awesome sand sculptures and a beautiful light house but we got to see the lake too. The Saint Clair river might be called a "Straight" as it connects Lake Huron to Lake St. Claire. Right at Port Huron is the Bluewater Bridge that goes to Sarnia, Canada.
 It was a breezy day and a lot of sailboats were out. In fact, way out there you can barely make out a large group of white sails.

 Had fun watching this ship from a tiny dot on the horizon until it was right across from us. Note the white sails out in the distance on the right of this photo.
This ship may have cargo to drop off at National Steel or go on down the Detroit River (also a straight) and on into Lake Erie.

Having fun on the lake.

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