Sunday, August 14, 2016

Discovery Cruise

 Left out of Lake Erie Metropark Marina for our Eagle Eye cruise. The weather was very overcast and too hazy for sharp photos. Because it was not sunny, the temperatures were pleasant. We were mostly on the Detroit River (the Metropark is close to the area where the river opens up to Lake Erie). Many pleasure craft out today.
(click on photo to enlarge)

 Mary Lou and Linda
 Inge and Bernie (all friends from Crack O' Dawn Club)
 Our interpreter, Kevin
 Scary moments......coming right at us
 Scary moment #2.......why so close?
 An island all to ourselves
 What's left of Bob Lo

 Never did see a boat and wondered how this guy got on this tiny island.....maybe whoever got sick of him and just dropped him off....ha!

 Great Blue
Although I have no pictures, we did see two Bald Eagles this morning soaring overhead.
The Lotus pond from the water side.

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