Monday, September 12, 2016

Organizing My Little Life

I'm trying to use September to catch up on household and garden chores so that the whole month of October can be spent being out and about enjoying the wonders of Autumn.
I had a big weekend project....getting my carpets in the living room and dining room shampooed and that involved much furniture moving......I'm too old for this stuff. The porch needs put away but first I need to organize the garage. Tim has promised to come and help me and I also asked my landscaping guys to do some extra yard work for me.
The acorns from my neighbor's Oak are falling fast and heavy. The squirrels and Blue Jays are enjoying the feast. As fast as I clean them up, they are falling behind me. I shouldn't complain as they are falling later than usual this year.  Does this mean a milder winter?
Today, I start my volunteer work at the Clinton campaign office in Dearborn. Trying to fit all this in with yoga and all the other stuff is making me tired ;-). I just want to be out and about with my camera.
Hurry up and get that eye healed, Barb, so you and Mary Jo and I can go on our next photography adventure.

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