Thursday, September 29, 2016

Rain, rain go away....

(a curly variety of a Cone flower taken this summer at the Overland Park arboretum)
...come again another day! Wow! It has been pouring rain here in the Detroit metro area. Many streets and freeways are flooded.  So, glad that the furthest that I had to go today was the post office and the library. This front is parked over us for the next four days. Had hope to get to the park or Greenfield Village. I may even give Crack O' Dawn a miss this Saturday if this weather keeps up. The trails at Lake Erie have areas that flood and I don't relish wading through that. Too bad, because October is such a nice month to walk. 
Seems like a good day to just sit back and read my book. Will avoid the TV and the latest tragedy from today.  :-(

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