Saturday, November 5, 2016

Crack O' Dawn November

 It was so dark this morning that I drove right by the entrance to the park. We had to wait (and keep eating donuts) until the sun came up so we could go for our walk. Next month we start at 8am...yea! Had about 15 for our walk this morning and we had a lovely morning for it. Warmer than many other November CODs. Didn't see anything of great interest but the sunrise was spectacular, the company great and the air was fresh.
 Veronica got a new pet buzzard!
(thanks for the photo Bernie)
 Goodbye friends! We are so sorry that Paul and Barb are moving. We will sure miss them and hope if ever they have a chance to be up this way, they will stop by for a visit.
 The morning beautiful
 Everyone is enjoying the view.
 Inge and Denny

 No color enhancement on this photo.......Autumn color and the morning light was all it took.
 Rita, Orville and Veronica
 Denny with his camera
 Us...minus me and Denny

This tree was filled with birds

Autumn morning

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