Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fading Autumn

Last week I went to Elizabeth Park in Trenton to catch the last of the colors....well, we are still enjoying  the fall colors. This has been the best Autumn that we have had in years.
Unfortunately, it is soon coming to an end. Tomorrow will be beautiful again but the bottom drops out on the weekend. Rain and wind on Saturday and Sunday will bring high winds and the temperature will fall to a high of 38 degrees. The mighty oak next door is almost empty and I think the winds will finish it off and blow all those leaves down the street.
Just a note on the photos of the park (a photographers dream wherever you looked).....there are two identical bridges in the park, neither of which leads anywhere really. Great place for wedding pictures. The bridges were recently rebuilt but the railings were restored and used again. I love this park because it is close to home :-)

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