Thursday, November 10, 2016

McConnell's Mills State Park (another story)

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Many years ago, when I was a young student nurse, we came to this park to get a break from the stress of classes, studying, clinicals and rules, rules, rules. I don't believe that it was a state park back in those days, but it was so beautiful and wild.... we loved it. Of course, we still had time to chase boys, go to dances and hang out at McDonalds but this was getting out in nature. We even came in the winter and it is just as beautiful then.
Slippery Rock Creek runs under the bridge and over the dam by the mill. It is quite treacherous and every year someone dies in the rapids. My brother has kayaked the river and has stories to tell.
On the way to the park, despite my Garmin and my phone I got really lost.....what luck! I saw some of the most stunning scenery! Wow.....I was talking to myself.
I will post more great photos and tell of my adventure there in my next post.

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