Monday, November 28, 2016

Unexpected Places

 In October, we went to take pictures at City Sculpture in Detroit. Whenever we go out it seems that something interesting happens. When we went to see the churches we met a caretaker at Sweetest Heart of Mary who told us about the history of the church as well as the neighborhood and when we were at the sculpture garden we met the artist and heard all about his art display, how he bought the property and so on. On our way to visit Third Man Records on Canfield we turned down a, what a surprise. The street was cobblestone and all the houses were Victorian....most restored. It was amazing as it was right in midtown and just so unexpected. It was a lovely tree lined street and I would have loved to have walked it, however, there was some construction and big equipment parked in the street. I can't remember the name of the street but it was near Canfield close to Cass. Only I could get so excited over cobblestone streets ;-) Maybe next summer we can go back.

Look at those beautiful stained glass leaded window in the house on the right....I've got to go back.

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