Saturday, December 3, 2016

Travels With Carol, Southern Italy and Sicily

Part two: Palermo and beyond:
(all of the photos are stock pictures and not my own)

I loved Palermo! We stayed in a lovely old hotel that at one time must have been a grand place. All the rooms, including mine had a Murano glass chandelier. My window had two wood shutters on the window...floor to ceiling. I loved standing in front of the hotel in the early morning (smoking as I did back then) and watching fathers with a kid on their Vespa taking them to school or with a brief case strapped to the back going to work. There was a bank conveniently located accross the street with an ATM (or whatever they call them in Italy). I was looking to buy stamps and cigarettes so I got up all my nerve and ventured out alone. The streets were crowded but I couldn't find anyone that spoke English so I mimed smoking and said "posta". The people were so nice and directed me to two place where I got stamps and a small grocers where I could buy my Marlboros ( they are sold everywhere accross the world, I think) and a few snacks. Anyway, it was an adventure that I will always remember and by the way, I didn't encounter any mafiosa.  Everywhere we traveled we visited churches and museums and in Palermo there are famous and ancient and beautiful mosaics.
We traveled next down the west coast to visit the Ancient Greek ruins in Agrigento, Selinunte, Syracuse and Taormina.  We were able to walk among these beautiful temples. I did take many pictures but none are digital and all hard copies in albums. The ruins were backdropped by the blue Mediterranean Sea......fantastic!
I posted a link below if you are interested to see more.



I think that in this picture you can see how absolutely beautiful it is there!
Link: This site has a few videos as well as photo.

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