Wednesday, March 1, 2017

History of Time Telling

at The Henry Ford

The Henry Ford has a very nice display of clocks and a history of telling time starting with knowing the position of the sun to the sun dial......both worked only when the sun was shining. of course. If it was cloudy you were out of luck. There was no mention of hour candles which I have read about in books. Some of the clock were works of arts and a few had their insides revealed to show how the clock worked. I really enjoyed the exhibit and I am glad that I have a sundial in my of the earliest time pieces.

 I remember that my parents had a clock like this over the was made out of plastic!

 This clock had the convenience of a clock on top and a mirror below. Note the selfie below....the glass is a bit distorted :-)
Also love the inner workings with the double weights and pendulum.

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