Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The PawPaw Trail

 I loved this nature trail at Lower Huron's no longer maintained by the park and the sign has been removed but I bet you could still find the trail....I'm going to look this summer. It is a short trail, which I appreciate, and there is always something to see......ducks and Herons etc. Another thing, there is no one there but yourself. Definitely going to check it out.

 Liam and Emma walking the Pawpaw
This is at the beginning of the trail, at the top of a little hill. People used to prop walking stick against this fence. I would use one and then put it back when I left.
 Lots of wild flowers...pictured below a wild beautiful. Above a Trillium.

 Me doing a selfie 2012
At this point I was using a Sony Cybershot, point and shoot camera...before I got my Canon SLR.

 Emma and Liam, 2010
Emma is almost 18 now and off to DePaul University in the fall. Liam is 15 and in high school and plays 3 sports. Oh, so long ago

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