Saturday, April 8, 2017

It's Not All Work....

I was working in the yard today when I saw a little wren in my neighbor's tree. Last year I had a pair hanging around all summer. They would perch on my cable line and sing....lovely. I never could pin down if they were nesting in my bird house, although they were in the area I never actually saw them go into the box. I decided that I would clean out the bird house and hopefully entice them to nest in my yard again. When I opened up the box there was a dead wren in it....I was so upset. It didn't look like a baby either. Anyway, I hope they stay. I hung a new wren house that my daughter got me for Christmas so that's 3 houses just for them. Also trying to see what seeds that I can put out that the sparrows won't eat. I have a nesting Cardinal family in my front Blue Spruce and would love to get them to the feeder. I bought Niger seeds for the Goldfinches and another Hummingbird feeder.
Also, surprise, surprise, I saw a Red Admiral butterfly stopping at the little periwinkle flowers. Thought that it was a bit early. There was a thin layer of ice on the bird bath so it must have gotten pretty cold last night. Anyway, things are budding all over my back yard. Waiting for my guys to come and do Spring cleanup.

This is a little Wren picture that I took in my friend's back yard a few years back. Will try to get some of my own wrens this summer.

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