Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hello From South Carolina

I finally got my hands on a computer to say hello to all of you. Arrived Saturday to overcast skies....just had time to settle into the villa and learn to drive my golf cart (thanks Allison) then th rain came down in torrents. It rained the rest of the night. My daughter and I went to dinner and got wet despite umbrellas.
Woke up on Sunday (Mother's Day) to beautiful sunny skies. These are my neighbors who come running when ever I open the door. I headed for the beach first thing and have gone every morning so far.It's not everyday that I am that close to the ocean.
Had a Mother's day dinner with my daughter and granddaughter. My grandson was our server and my Son-in-law our sushi chef. I got flowers from John and Allison and presents from Amy. It was a wonderful day!

Just a few pics that I took on the beach.
Very hot today ...into the 90s....way too hot for me. I lasted an hour on the beach. The water is freezing though. Today I made it to my daughter's house and I'm on her computer....yea!!!! Also got to the library. I love to check out different libraries for new authors. Out for supper...California Dreaming I think.

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