Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Annual Trip to Bordines

For years I was an avid gardener and my yearly trip to Bordines and Telleys was the high-lite of my spring. I would spend winter days plotting and planning my garden, making lists, devising colors schemes and scanning gardening catalogs. Now, I am really not able to do a lot in the garden. I have cut way back and changed my garden to be less work intensive. Well, you wouldn't know that by all the plants that I bought today! It's like my eyes are bigger than my stomach kind of comparison.
I divided and moved some plants in the fall (with my son's help) and then decided this spring to plant a yellow theme in front of those I am with a lot of work to do. At least all my beds are weeded and ready to go and I will take my time getting things in the ground..
So, I had fun today and was overwhelmed by all the beautiful colors. I took my Canon Powershot and got some shots of the beautiful flowers that I wanted to buy but didn't. I stuck pretty much to my list and focused on herbs....also re doing my herb bed. Hopefully, next year things will be as I want them. :-)
Thanks to my kids for the Mother's Day gift cards!

Dianthus, Salvia and Shastas
Want these.....
Don't know what these are but love the color

I LOVE this place!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Let's Talk About the Seasons

Here in Michigan our lives revolve around the seasons and the weather is always a hot topic of conversation but I love the change of seasons. When I get sick of one it's time for the next. I am going to be positive and list the tings that I like about each season.

What I love:
1. the  first snow fall and snow on Christmas Eve.
2. snuggling up under my quilt on a cold winter's night
3. having my supper on a tray in front of the fire
4. getting dark at 5 pm so I can put on my PJs without guilt and jump into bed to watch TV.
5. when it is finally over

What I love:
1. everything is new
2. walking in my garden to see what is poking through the soil
3. the tulips
4. my annual trip to Bordines to buy my flowers
5. spending April with my family in South Carolina

What I love:
1. the smell of  a summer morning
2. the flowers, the birdsong, dragonflies and the green grass
3. walks in the woods with my camera
4. the meadow at Lake Erie Metropark
5. sitting on my old glider on my front porch watching my little world go by on Pagel St. and ...listening to the ballgame on my portable radio.

What I love:
1. the wonderful colors of autumn leaves
2. the apples, cider and pumpkins
3. walks on a crisp, clear fall morning
4. I miss the smell of burning leaves 
5. my favorite holiday, Halloween

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Both of these vehicles were parked under shelter like the owners are trying to save them, maybe with plans to restore them or just unwilling to part with them. Maybe they hold special memories...people do get attached to cars. Glad that I was able to get some photos.
Of course the top picture is of a jeep but I have no idea what make or year the truck is...anyone?

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Last Tulip

The last few days have been magnificent! We have had the most perfect spring weather and a great holiday weekend so far. I was out working in the garden yesterday and the weeds are flourishing! I never saw such a bumper crop of weeds and dandelions. I still have a lot of work to do. Two of my climbing rose bushes are showing signs of life but my oldest hydrangea is not looking good at all. This winter wreaked havoc on my garden. Trying to get all of my flower beds in order because next week I will be making my annual trek to Bourdines. Can't wait!
I was out with my camera to catch a few snaps of spring flowers. Will post more later but here is one of my last tulips....still pretty I'd say.

Friday, May 23, 2014

I Miss the Beach

          Even though it is an absolutely beautiful day here in southeast Michigan, I am longing for the beach. As I look through all my photos from South Carolina, I am remembering the wonderful walks on the beach, the sound of the waves, the sandpipers and pelicans and I am transported. I think "Well, I remember that morning and taking that picture" and of course my second thought is "I can make this picture better". I often wonder if I lived near the ocean would I go as often as I do when I vacation there. Anyway, today I am reminiscing of that particular sunny day.                                                           
Hazard Flag

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Emma's Spring Concert

I really enjoyed the concert at Emma school (Athens High School). Emma, along with two other girls sang and it was so beautiful. The videos are not near as good as the sound was live. 

My pictures don't do Emma justice. had a difficult time with the lighting and finally got it right towards the end of the concert.

 It's been a long're lucky guy that I didn't post the one with your mouth wide open  ;-)

Emma middle row on end
Emma singing on right

Sunday, May 18, 2014

So proud of Emma

Please click on link below and then scroll down to Underclass Honors 9th grade.
So proud of you Emma!

Spring Flowers

Everything is green with a capitol G. It almost hurts your eyes. Summer will soon be here and we will have summer flowers.......but I still have lovely memories of Spring in South Carolina.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


 I really am enjoying seeing all these photos again....what a beautiful place and oh, the sunshine, heaven