Monday, November 30, 2015

Trapper's Run

 Pulled into the parking lot at Lake Erie Metropark and was greeted by these two lovely creatures.
 It had rained all day Friday so when it dropped below freezing on Sunday everything was coated with rime. Not as beautiful as the snowfall last weekend but still pretty non-the-less.

 I love the squirrel nests dotting the tree line.
 I think this is Bittersweet....not much color anywhere in November. It's all browns and grays.
 Rime on a branch

 Look-out on the canal

Cropped this one so you can sort of make out the 3 Herons
(click to enlarge, Herons center left)

Look who stepped out onto the trail......made my morning!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fence in Winter

Click to enlarge....

A View at the end of the Canal.

This is Wyman's Canal near Trapper's Run Trail at Lake Erie Metropark. There is an overlook that I like because I usually see something interesting. At the very back, there are 3 gray lumps....those are 3 Great Blue Herons. Also, there is a bird that I thought might be a Red-headed Woodpecker. It was so far that I couldn't ID it for sure and don't know if they migrate south for the winter. Some ducks in the front as well.  Anyway, I could see all of this through my binoculars, not with the naked eye. Again, wishing that I had a bigger lens on my camera.....darn!
I had a nice, early morning snow today like last Sunday but everything was covered in rime and it was cold but quite pretty.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Getting Ready for the Holidays (but not baking Kolache)

I made a good start today, getting all my outdoor decorations up and all the wreaths hung. It was about 40 degrees out so not too bad out there. My son helped me with some last minute yard work (that oak is still hanging on to some of it's leaves). We moved furniture around and I am now ready to bring up the tree and all the rest of the decorations.
This was last weekend!

Today brought to mind all the Christmas baking that my Mom used to do. I don't bake any more. I used to try to keep the kolache tradition going but when I could no longer eat all that sweet stuff, I gave it up. I used to make my own log roll and press cookies as well.
My Mom was an excellent baker and turned out so many wonderful cookies and other treats. She made a chocolate sheet cake covered with marshmallow and then a chocolate ganache....yum! She also had a deft hand with pastry (most recipes from my Grandmother) turning out kolachi, kiffles, date bars, nut roll covered with icing and much  more. The Kolache were nut, poppy seed, apricot,and prune. 
Sorry that those days are gone for me now and I must settle for a dried up sugar-free cookie.

In this picture is my Mom's pastry board where all the magic happened. Behind, is her well used kolache pans. I don't even know if you can buy them anymore. It would take my Mom all day to make 12 kolache rolls and she usually froze half. At Easter she would only make 6 rolls. She also made a roll with sweet cottage of my favorite
Mom would bake all day, clean up and then make dinner....what a woman!!!
The Pyrex bowls are from my vintage collection.
Always think of my Mom and Dad at this time of year with such fond memories and miss them everyday.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Bird in a Bottle

From Thanksgiving 2014

Had a very quiet Thanksgiving this year. We had our meal at Cracker Barrel and it
 was delicious. The Lions won so the day was a good one. 
Remembering last year when I spent the holiday in Kansas

Had such a great visit in Kansas last Thanksgiving.......remembering this fun fight in the kitchen
while preparing the meal.....Twin knows how to keep Mike in line.....apparently the gravy was lumpy.
My grandson, Sean, and friend Josh...note dog under the table looking at the food
through the glass...funny.
 Twin with Saki and Ginger at Overland Park Arboreteum
 My Grandson, Mikey with Ginger, getting some hugs.
Saki, guarding the estate

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Urban Decay

I'm obsessed with the old Packard Plant. This is the closest that I have ever gotten to it. A few years ago it became too dangerous to go into the car would be broken into if you left it. Now, I think it is secured. I would love to shoot pics in there. Another place secured now is the old train station. I remember my oldest son getting in and exploring the whole place years ago. I'm into urban ruins...after all, I'm one myself  ;-)

They have actually put window in the whole building now, I believe.
The inside has been cleared of debris also....however, no one seems to know what it will be used for, if anything. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Driving Along

Have you ever driven on Hines Drive to see the Christmas Lights? Well, this was better than that. My mouth dropped open when I started to drive into Lower Huron Metropark. I caught it just right, with beautiful light and everything still coated with snow.....wonderful!

Monday, November 23, 2015


 Was summer that long ago? I feel like it was and so I had to get a flower fix at the Belle Isle Conservatory. The big room under the conservatory dome was undergoing new plantings. All the mums and other flowers that were there last month were all dug out. Don't know what they will put in for the holidays. I should have asked. I know in February it is Kalanchoe and Cyclamen. Maybe Poinsettias. I will make a point to go there around Christmas.
Love all the Orchids that are there year around plus other flowers that I have no idea what they are.
If any of my photographers friends want to go let me know....we can go holiday week.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Winter Wonderland

 It was absolutely beautiful out there this morning.......every little branch was coated with snow. I got some great photos! This was a Lower Huron Metropark. Many more to edit.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Winter Birds

 We had our first snow today so I thought that I would post these photos that I shot last winter at Oakwoods Metropark. A lot of snow coming down but nothing is laying. Our temps dropped 20 degrees in a matter of days. Glad all my leaves are up before the snow fell.
I love the Tree Sparrow, above and the fluffy Downy Woodpecker below. Also, was so happy to see a Bluebird sticking around for the winter.