Monday, July 11, 2016

Port Huron Sandfest

We had a great day on Saturday at the Sandfest. The weather was perfect.....storm-like clouds in the sky but no rain predicted making a great sky for photographs. Moderate temperatures so we didn't roast and a little breeze that brought out all the sail boats on Lake Huron. I have lots of photos to post so watch this space!

 All of these Sculptures were amazing.......making such detailed and creative work..... wonderful! They had different levels of skills and also a hill of sand for the little kids to play in. In these photos all the sculptures are "master level"
 Carnival food...yea! and live music....great fun!

 So many possible captions for all of these sand creations....this one: "shut your mouth" Ha!
Can anyone find Nemo???

 I wish that I could have gotten a clear shot of this eagle, It was beautiful and the flag in the background adds to the photo.

Tools of the trade.
 Corndog, coke and an elephant ear later.........haven't had one of those for years.

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