Saturday, August 6, 2016

Crack O, Dawn August

 Oh, what a beautiful morning.
 Kevin, the only person I know that walks backwards as well as he walk forward.
 Happy birthday day, Pat
 If you haven't been down to Lake Erie Metropark lately, try to make it down... the meadow is in bloom and the lotus are still in bloom as worth the trip.

 This is a gall growing on a wildflower had a larva of some kind inside.....

 I thought that these milkweed pods looked pretty

 Barge out on the river...lotus in the foreground
 My granddaughter is still here so she went to Crack O' Dawn with me this morning
 This is the new signage for hawk migration and of course it is right in the area where all hawk watchers will be gathered in another month.
 A few friends that we met along the way

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