Monday, August 22, 2016

Exploring Detroit Part 2

Heidelberg Project

 I first visited the Heidelberg in the late 80's and loved the whole art neighborhood. In the last 2 years, however, an arsonist set fire to all of the abandoned houses on Heidelberg St. leaving it just a shell of it's former self. On this visit, although there were a few interesting works, most of it was just piles of junk. An article in the news said that Mr. Guyton has decided to remove everything and start over again.....a great idea. He is a world famous artist and I'm sure he has some creative ideas up his sleeve. Looking forward to what happens and hope that the destructive element in the neighborhood leaves it for everyone to enjoy. When we were there it was packed with visitors and I thought that it was too bad that they may never have seen it in it's glory days. I am happy to have many photos from the past to remember it all.

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