Tuesday, August 2, 2016

On Staycation

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Having a blast on my staycation with my granddaughter, Allison. We have been busy since the day she arrived and I have lots of pictures to post if ever I have a minute.
Allison flew in on Thursday and we have been on the go since. We started Friday by going to Procam
http://procam.com/ Allison bought a new lens and a bag. Next a stop at Costco and then lunch. We finished up at the Downriver Council for the Arts in Wyandotte to look at our photo exhibit. Saturday it was Star Trek (loved it). Sunday we went to a photography workshop at Lake Erie Metropark and then did a photo shoot at the meadow and lotus ponds. Yesterday a night shoot at Belle Isle (see photos above) and tonight we are off to see the Tigers beat the White Socks at Comerica Park. Tomorrow Allison is getting together with cousin Emma to do all the coffee shops in Ferndale and Royal Oak. Wow, I'm tired out just writing about all of this.
Anyway, don't know when I will get around to editing but I know that I took a few really great photos.

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