Saturday, November 19, 2016

DIA Exhibits

We went to the DIA last week in hope of seeing 3 exhibits......all but one was closed and that was the Detroit After Dark Photo Exhibit (more on that later).
Thalasse is a hanging by an artist named Swoon. It was hanging in the main gallery but that whole section was closed off as they were preparing for a gala event.
We were able to get a peek at it from the Rivera court but could not
photograph the whole thing. Definitely an interesting art piece.
Bitter/Sweet: Coffee, Tea, Chocolate
This exhibits opens November 20th and looks very interesting indeed. It engages all 5 senses and you are able to smell and taste the tea and coffee related beverages. So, that is a good reason to go back to the Art Institute and a great idea for a cold winter day.
See DIA link below for more information.

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