Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Story of how I got above

 I hadn't been to McConnell's Mills since 1964, so my memory of the park was a bit sketchy......getting there was completely wiped from my memory. I had forgotten that you could park down by the mill (a small lot) so I parked up above in the picnic area. I followed the trail and found myself on very treacherous steps that went down, down, down, forever. The steps were uneven, slanted,  and wet with leaves and winding this way and that. I was praying that I would get to the bottom in one piece.
After spending about an hour taking photos, I knew that there was no way I could climb up those steps, so in desperation, I accosted two men (middle age photographers) and asked for a ride up to my car. Thankfully they were obliging (a bit taken back) and took me to my car. Thank you gentlemen for being kind to this old lady.
The park and Slippery Rock Creek are a danger but more on that tomorrow.

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