Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Third Man Records/Shinola

Third Man Records
 These two establishments are side by side on Canfield just off of Cass. We really enjoyed looking around and Mary Jo even bought some stuff. We heard that Third Man will soon be pressing vinyl records....supposedly the next new thing....old to me.
 Third Man Records owned by Jack White
 Love the design inside!
You have to be as old as me to remember this....a listening booth. Record stores had them so you could listen to a 45 or an album before deciding to buy it. I really miss record stores...used to pursue on a Saturday afternoon. The album covers were great. In the '80s there was a used record store in Ferndale. I loved that place. 

 Wow, this was a high end store....couldn't afford anything in here. Mostly specialized in watches (they go for over $1000 ), bikes and leather goods. Great place inside and fun to see.

 There were several boutique type stores across the street that we looked at. Nice little area.

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