Friday, December 2, 2016

Travels With Carol, Southern Italy and Sicily

Part One:

One of the most amazing trips that I have ever taken was this one. I wanted to go back to Capri and Sorrento and I love Italy in general. Love the friendly people and the food especially. As trips go though, I traveled with the most unfriendly and mean spirited people.....a bus load of them. This was my first trip alone and I went with Globus as usual. I just decided to ignore all of them and enjoy all the wonderful things that Italy had to offer. Someone had told me that Sicily had more Greek ruins then Greece and this was one of the best part of the trip. I got to see Rome again and Pompeii again.
We started in Rome, of course and then on to Naples. Here we went to Capri, which is so lovely.  We went up to Anacapri which is the town above Capri and we were in the clouds....the above photo was taken from there. I was able to buy my limoncello made right there on the island from island grown lemons....yum.
On to Sicily.....taking an overnight ferry to Palermo.  I didn't know this but May is the month when all Italy's school children go on field trips. They are big on teaching the children all of Italy's rich and ancient history. Well, that ferry was packed with kids but amazingly at 11pm on the dot they all quieted down and went to bed. They had been chatting nonstop in the cabin next to mine but since I couldn't understand a word it wasn't at all distracting.
I love the Italian light......the sun shines every day and the umbrella that I brought with me was used to keep the sun off not the rain.

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