Monday, December 5, 2016

Travels With Carol, Southern Italy and Sicily

Part four:
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It's funny how some things really impress. We saw so many museums, Basilicas and ruins and the one things that I remember most was crossing the straits of Messina. To head back to Italy from Sicily we went on a ferry crossing from Sicily to the tip of the boot of Italy. We were on the bus waiting in line to drive aboard and I was amazed what was driving on that ship.....buses, tractor trailer rigs, other various trucks and many cars. OMG! How is that ship going to stay afloat? Once we drove on, we had to get off the bus and wait in designated areas. I was so glad to see land again. What an experience.... which I would do again on my trip to Great Britain.

Somewhere, and I can't remember where, we had a tour of deep caverns. They were deep in the earth and we had to take an elevator down. They were spectacular with the stalagmites and huge rooms....everything was beautifully lit. As you know Italy is prone to earthquakes and I remember thinking "Please, Lord, not now"
As we headed back to Rome we stopped at other sites along the way but just sitting on the bus and watching the landscapes go by was wonderful to me.
On the freeways, I think called autostrade, there are rest stops called Autogrills.....restrooms, gas and food can be found here....but the food is absolutely fabulous. Even if it's just a sandwich (on a baguette) everything is fresh and tasty. No hamburgers and fries here.  Now, why can't can't we do that?

Well. I have come to the end of my fabulous 2 weeks in Italy and I have conjured up many wonderful, until our next trip, bonjourno.

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