Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Wren Who Wanted to Ride....

 or more likely looking for a place to nest..........
 This is how the story goes. A couple told me that when they pulled their car into the parking lot a pair of wrens landed on the car, hopping about checking it out... and they had nesting material in their beaks. They shooed them away and went for a walk down to the marsh. When they returned the wrens had already built a nest in their belongings. I was a bit skeptical about their story but later who came flying in but two wrens. They started to explore two bikes parked there. After much to do they flew away but I really think that couple was desperate for a nest.

There was an article in Birders Digest about the nest building habits of the House
Wren. It seems the male Wren builds several nests and the female inspects them and chooses the one she likes best. They will even go so far as taking over a nest that belongs to other birds.....tipping out any eggs that might already be in the nest.

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