Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Done and Dusted

 Well, I finally got my planting done....mid-June. Still have some general garden clean up and still have outdoor decorations to do. (sorry about the pics...took them with my phone)
 I found out this year that my planting days are over. I've been downsizing for several years, planning for the day when I could no longer really garden. My son, Tim, came over and did all my trimming and weed whacking which I so much appreciated. I got down to plant these lavender plants and found to my dismay, that I couldn't get up. I had a shovel and tried to lever myself up....I was stuck! No phone, no one around....I was pretty scared. Finally, I got up all my strength and was able to stand. My legs and knees have no strength but a lot of pain. So, next year I will do what all old gardeners do and plant in pots.

 My little bird feeding station.
 My daughter bought me this wren house (have 3). You can see that a wren built a nest but decided that this lovely little house wasn't good enough and moved on. I miss them. Last year they would sit on my cable line and sing away.
This is my new and very red Hummingbird feeder. As I was out working this morning a hummer came by 3 times! I think this red really attracts them as they are leaving my other feeder alone.

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