Monday, June 6, 2016


My plan when I went to Greenfield Village was to explore the inside of some of the historic buildings so I started with a machine shop and on my way out I noticed that I was near a train station. Decided to ride the train (my plan was already collapsing) and when we went by the Cotswold Cottage I saw that all the peonies were in bloom. Well, I got off the the train there and then and that's were I ended up spending the rest of my time. The flowers were peak and the aroma was fabulous! I could hardly drag myself away. Ended up having tea there with wonderful little tea sandwiches, scones and little cookies.
The Peony is one of my favorite flowers and at one  time I had a nice collection in my garden. Through the years they got a fungus (unusual as Peonies are pretty disease free). Now, I only have one left but it is over 22 years old and still beautiful.

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