Sunday, October 30, 2016

Suspension Bridge at Mill Creek Park

 Built in 1895 by the city of Youngstown, this bridge has no name other than the suspension bridge. It is kind of a symbol of the city. It's so pretty just sitting in the middle of the park. Again, I have a picture of my Mom and Dad at the bridge. I have to dig our some of these old pictures.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Lanterman's Mill

Mill Creek Metropark
Youngstown, Ohio
The scenery was spectacular here around the mill and covered bridge and the arched bridge over the gorge. Beautiful view from the arched bridge. Although I remember this park as a kid and the many picnics that we had here, I don't believe I had ever been to the mill. I saw a picture that someone had posted on facebook and said "I've got to go there" Wow!
 I bet it is beautiful in the winter too.

 The gentleman in the gray sweater was kind enough to open the mill early and give us our own tour. This is a working mill so he was able to tell us how everything worked and we went from the very top to the scary bowels of the mill where the wheel scoops up the water. Pictured below is my brother, in mid-wave, checking it all out.

The whole park is a place of wonder, with numerous trails for hiking which appeals to me. 
Check out their website at:

Friday, October 28, 2016

End of the Season

 I thought that I would get to the Village one more time before the season wraps up and boy was it a chilly one....34 when I started out. I just wandered around so the photos are just a little bit of this and that. Greenfield Village, starting Monday, will only be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the train will not be running. This will continue until Holiday Nights.
 This is what it looked like when I sat down to lunch. Within 5 minutes, this is what happened ...besieged by children and the noise level was through the roof.

 The Mill

 Looks like summer....wrong!
 I love the train the best!

I loved this cow. I am so ignorant about farming. I always thought that cows didn't have horns. I guess that I was wrong.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Covered Bridge at Lanterman Falls

 This bridge is near the Lanterman Mill at Mill Creek Park. Oh, what beautiful scenery!

 My brother, Jim, checking out the bridge. He was wondering how the farmers got their grain to the mill as it sits at the bottom of a deep gorge. When we toured the mill, we were told that they took a road that lead to the bridge and then to the mill.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Harding Park

My hometown of Hubbard, Ohio has a lovely little park. This park played a big part in my life from when I was youngster and a Girl Scout and went to day camp there.
Later in my teen years my friend, Kay and I played tennis in the summer and spent many winter evenings ice skating on the pond. Of course there were always picnics and later family reunions.
Harding Park has changed over the years. The pond is gone, they have added a band shell and more picnic shelters and a wonderful play area for kids but over all, it is still a great park for families.
This time of year it is especially beautiful and I was lucky the get some great photographs when I was there on this recent visit.

I have an old black and white photo of my Dad pushing my Mom on this same swing set....about 1939.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

City Sculpture

Just before I went on vacation, we went to see City Sculpture in Detroit. While we were there shooting pictures,we met the artist himself. He told us the interesting story of how the sculpture display came about. This was a vacant lot that was an overgrown eyesore until his neighbor started mowing it. When his neighbor passed away, he started taking care of the property....clearing and mowing. He had a backyard full of his sculptures so he decided to buy the lot from the city of Detroit......and so it is today, a lovely little park in the middle of the city adding value to the whole area.

 I call this one the shovels! All the pieces were named but I forgot what this one was.

 You can see how well the area is kept....fenced in, with park benches and besides the constant roar of traffic from the freeway it is a peaceful place to enjoy.

City Sculpture is located on Alexandrine St. and the Lodge service drive. Their website has a very interesting sure to check that out.
Visit their website at: