Sunday, October 23, 2016

City Sculpture

Just before I went on vacation, we went to see City Sculpture in Detroit. While we were there shooting pictures,we met the artist himself. He told us the interesting story of how the sculpture display came about. This was a vacant lot that was an overgrown eyesore until his neighbor started mowing it. When his neighbor passed away, he started taking care of the property....clearing and mowing. He had a backyard full of his sculptures so he decided to buy the lot from the city of Detroit......and so it is today, a lovely little park in the middle of the city adding value to the whole area.

 I call this one the shovels! All the pieces were named but I forgot what this one was.

 You can see how well the area is kept....fenced in, with park benches and besides the constant roar of traffic from the freeway it is a peaceful place to enjoy.

City Sculpture is located on Alexandrine St. and the Lodge service drive. Their website has a very interesting sure to check that out.
Visit their website at:

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