Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Harding Park

My hometown of Hubbard, Ohio has a lovely little park. This park played a big part in my life from when I was youngster and a Girl Scout and went to day camp there.
Later in my teen years my friend, Kay and I played tennis in the summer and spent many winter evenings ice skating on the pond. Of course there were always picnics and later family reunions.
Harding Park has changed over the years. The pond is gone, they have added a band shell and more picnic shelters and a wonderful play area for kids but over all, it is still a great park for families.
This time of year it is especially beautiful and I was lucky the get some great photographs when I was there on this recent visit.

I have an old black and white photo of my Dad pushing my Mom on this same swing set....about 1939.

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