Saturday, October 29, 2016

Lanterman's Mill

Mill Creek Metropark
Youngstown, Ohio
The scenery was spectacular here around the mill and covered bridge and the arched bridge over the gorge. Beautiful view from the arched bridge. Although I remember this park as a kid and the many picnics that we had here, I don't believe I had ever been to the mill. I saw a picture that someone had posted on facebook and said "I've got to go there" Wow!
 I bet it is beautiful in the winter too.

 The gentleman in the gray sweater was kind enough to open the mill early and give us our own tour. This is a working mill so he was able to tell us how everything worked and we went from the very top to the scary bowels of the mill where the wheel scoops up the water. Pictured below is my brother, in mid-wave, checking it all out.

The whole park is a place of wonder, with numerous trails for hiking which appeals to me. 
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