Friday, August 18, 2017

Old Mill at Greenfield Village

Can't remember if I posted these before but nevermind, they are nice enough to repost again. You should see this scene in the fall....beautiful.

Annual Pierogi Festival...

 at Sweetest Heart of Mary
 I really enjoyed myself and was impressed at the size and organization of the event.....lots of people a polka band!

 $13 for the Polish plate and a coke. Food was delicious.......stuffed cabbage not as good as my Mom's though ;)
 Note little Polish flag in the cabbage roll.
Here come my two cohorts in crime (of unhealthy eating)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Pretty Hydrangeas from Greenfield Village
Had to cheer myself up.

St. Albertus

 Front view of the may have noticed that the bell tower looks a little stubby..... that's because the steeple has been removed due to the fact it was unsafe. Steeple seem to be an issue with old churches. St. Joseph is going to be renovating their one steeple and Sweetest Heart of Mary is having a fundraising drive to come up with 2 million dollars to restore their 2 steeples. St. Josaphat's fixed their tallest steeple a few years ago. There must be some billionaires that could donate a million or two to these beautiful old buildings.

 The beautiful oak doors were restored by church members.......there had been metal scroll work but this decoration was stolen by scrappers.....they will go to hell when they try to answer for their behavior at the pearly gates.

 This is the old St. Albertus school. We were talking to a gentleman who said that they are in the process of selling it to developers. It would be torn down of course but the church can sure use that money for restoration.
 Can you see the speaker hanging in the middle? Somehow, that makes me sad.
Directly across the street from the church is a fairly new apartment complex and it looks like homes further down the street. Across and to the left are these old buildings...and then many empty lots up and down the street. Old times come and gone.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mass Mob

St. Albertus
  From a facebook post: Above picture taken by Diane Wilks
 I was able to attend my first Mass Mob on Sunday. This organization chooses one Detroit Catholic church a month to gather people together to offer support.  This month was St. Albertus. The church is located in an area that was the biggest Polish community in Detroit, in fact there are 3 Polish parishes lined up on Canfield. Now,  the neighborhoods are gone. Unfortunately, St. Albertus was closed almost 20 years ago. The parishioners bought the church from the archdiocese of Detroit for $1. They maintain it and have events as well as Mass once a month. Behind the church is the St. Albertus school. I have many exterior shots that I will post at another time.
Three years ago they had a Mass Mob here and 2000 people came and enough money was made to restore the 2 windows that you see on each side of the altar. They said there were 1000 this Sunday.
I will say that the entire event was so well organized and with the Pierogi Festival down the street at Sweetest Heart of Mary..... it was an event filled Sunday.
I feel so lucky to see the inside of this beautiful church and also to be with friends Mary Jo and Barb for this special event.
 This church is huge...4 aisles and holds 2000 people. 
 You can see the peeling paint on the ceiling....much work to be done just to maintain the church....actually the inside is much better then outside.

 Many people that came to this event were once members of the church, went to school here, were married here. I saw some interviews where an older man said that his parents were married at St. Albertus. It makes me so said to see how deteriorated, not only the church is but the neighborhood. Much vacant property and abandoned buildings...I never understand why some things can't stay the same.

Monday, August 14, 2017


 I love August! It's my birthday month and the dog days of summer. I love the slant of the sun and the unique shadows that only August casts. Also, connected to the month is sunflowers....August and sunflowers. We drove all the way to Howell to photograph this field of flowers.
Sunflowers are so called because the flower heads turn to follow the sun. The day that we were there is was a bit cloudy and the flowers seemed to be sulking. The field was enormous and quite the sight to see. Some of the flower heads were the size of dinner plates....amazing. Completed my summer somehow.
PS: I'm going to post some of these photos in

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Where I Spent Sunday

 Mass Mob at St. Albertus in Poletown, Detroit

Sweetest Heart of Mary in foreground, St. Josaphat in back