Sunday, January 15, 2017

Travels With Carol

When I traveled I always tried to buy something for myself as a remembrance of that particular country. I never had much money as what money I did have was spent mostly on gifts for my family. I bought some really nice things for them. So, pictured below are gifts to myself.....they may not be worth a lot but to me they are very special.

 My beautiful painting that I bought in the Montmartre district of Paris. The little Eiffel tower is from a souvenir shop at the tower......very cheap but my favorite.
 A little Waterford crystal vase from Waterford, Ireland
 Souvenir pottery jug from Greece.
 A jar from interesting story about the purchase of this from tented vendors in Ephesus....just like a Turkish Bazaar.
 My lovely little teapot from England
My most prized gift to inlaid wood music box from Sorrento, Italy. 
It plays "Return to Sorrento" sob, sob....

It was amazing some of the thing that my fellow travelers bought....big bucks! One couple bought a very expensive inlaid wood desk in Sorrento, some bought rugs in Turkey, a lady bought a beautiful tea set at a shop on Islo Bello and had it shipped to her home in NYC. Other purchases were lace linens from Sicily. I bought a bowl and dish from Sicily as well which I forgot to photograph and also a cameo necklace made from real shell that I purchased in Naples.  I loved shopping and we all headed to the nearest shops when we arrived in any towns.

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