Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Some people get really silly for Halloween or scary or glamorous. Can't wait to see my grandson as a cheerleader! Have fun everyone.
Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the Halloween candy  :-)

You know that our relatives came from Translvania and that's the truth!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Chasing the Sky

 On Friday evening we had the most spectacular sunset. (pictured above) Unfortunately, I was at home and had no clear view to take any photographs. So.....I thought I would see if I could get some spectacular sunrise pictures this morning. I was up before the crack of dawn and at Lake Erie set up and ready for the sun to make it's appearance. I was so disappointed. The shots that I got were depressing and gloomy as was the morning.

 As I was heading out of the park, I saw a beautiful sky to the west. The chase was on. I went to Crosswinds Marsh and did get a few very pretty photos. I always believe in heaven when I see skies like these. I was the only person there to enjoy the sky as if it were just for me.

Going on our "barn shoot" tomorrow and hope for some good light.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Crosswinds Marsh

 Had fun with my Photography class at Crosswinds. It was interesting being out there after dark. The light wasn't good at all...very flat. Photographs not that good, I'm afraid. Lots of Canada Geese. Wonder if they are gathering to migrate or will stay the winter.

Went to my new photography class (beginners) last night at Henry Ford Community College. Learned a lot and bought a very nice book that I can always use later as a reference. We have homework...pretty basic stuff but will do it and see what I can learn. Never thought I would say "basic stuff". I remember how stupid I felt at my very first class just a year ago.
Just got in from raking leaves...the mighty Oak has dumped about a third of it leaves. Couldn't see the drive or side please Curtis family!!! Planted 75 tulip and daffodil bulbs today as well. Red tulips...can't wait until spring.
Barn shoot on Sunday....really looking forward to that and hoping for decent weather and good light.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another Scary Thought

 I love Autumn....the colors, the sharp light, the sun, the woodsmoke in the air (no, wait, that's not right)... but you get the idea. Even though the temperature is warm, as I looked out this morning I shuddered and thought, "Winter is coming".  The leaves were blowing in a light misty rain and as a car drove by the leaves kicked up and again I thought " Oh no, the Lions lost again". It was just a gloomy day with gloomy thoughts. If you have lived anywhere with a change of season, you understand what I mean.
You can see the tree trunk to the left of the picture above. Well, it is a giant Oak and it is a beautiful color of russet. Soon it will drop it's load of leaves on my front yard, the work begins and winter is soon to follow.
I just clean that!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Just finished fall clean-up in my back yard. Even though I love autumn, I feel bad when my garden looks so bare and empty. It was an absolutely beautiful day to be outside. My Japanese Maple is a blaze of red and I love the plumes on the grasses in the back. They don't get cut back until spring.

Sedum "Autumn Joy" .... my favorite autumn flower. In a week or so they will be a beautiful rust color and the seed heads will last all winter. They also dry well for flower arrangements. When I was younger and had my greenhouse going, I grew mums from cuttings. I would have a great show of color about now. I did buy two yellow mums for baskets that I put on my front porch.  

My old greenhouse window.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


We had a great photo shoot at the DIA last night. I took so many photos that I had difficulty choosing which to post. There is a little of everything from sculptures to architecture. It is great going there on Friday night....a lot of people, there was a concert as well and artists sketching the paintings. This is the second time that I have gone with our group and there still is so much to see and photograph.
Crosswind Marsh on Monday!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Autumn Color

At Kensington Metropark

How absolutely beautiful is Autumn? My camera's lens does not seem to capture or see it as the eye does. The color and the light  cannot be described nor are words sufficient. You have to get out and see it for yourself. Passing by in a car is not enough. You have to feel the sun and smell the earth. So get out walking everyone. It is good for body and soul.