Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Farming at the Village

It sure must have been a lot of work getting all the crops planted in days gone by. The field that was plowed here was small compared to most farmer's fields. I loved the jaunty angle the plowman is wearing his hat. Beautiful place to spend a summer's afternoon.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Belle Isle, North to South

North end
Last September I hiked up the hill to take a look at the light house that is at the north end of Belle Isle. As you know the island is in the middle of the Detroit River with the channel being to the right. The north end looks up river with Canada on the right and the Points on the left. It was pretty up there and well worth the walk.

 This is the only all marble light house in the country.

South end
 The south end of the island looks to Windsor Canada and Detroit, Michigan USA. It is really nice down this end with lots of river activity and of course, a great view of the city and Ambassador Bridge. There was a very nice picnic area and a lot of people were taking advantage of this beautiful September day.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Fountain, a Different Perspective

 This is the front of Scott Fountain that I seemed to have missed. The steps leading up have other beautiful fountains...too bad that it was so blazing sunny. I got to photograph the fountain one more time before it was shut down on September 20th.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hawkfest 2015

Went to the Hawkfest at Lake Erie Metropark...one of my favorite events of the year. Offered are educational programs like Bird of Prey IDs, demonstrations and on Sunday the Howell Nature Center had their birds out which is a great photo op. Also included are event for the kids, crafts, games and of course there is food.
Let me explain how this event came to be years ago. When Raptors (Hawks, Eagles etc) migrate they fly directly over the metropark...coming from Canada and the high north. Thousands fly over in the months of September, October and November and on any given day you can see hawk enthusiasts gathering with diga scopes and binoculars at the marina area. Of course there was a good crowd there on Sunday and they were rewarded with a kettle of broad wings while I was there so I got to see two kettles all together. They were way up there barely visible with the naked eye.

 American Bald Eagle
We have a resident eagle in an enclosure at the park ..Luc....and he was not happy to have another eagle in his territory. They kept squawking at each other.
 This is an Eurasian Eagle Owl

 Red-tailed Hawk
 American Kestrel

At the marina...the Detroit River
 People settled in for the day with picnics and drinks all facing north

Last Day of Summer

and a beautiful day it is...absolutely gorgeous. It is hard to believe that summer is over already! This photo was taken in June and it seems like only yesterday. Luckily Autumn is my very favorite season and I am looking forward to getting out with my camera and catching the colors. Also looking forward to my daughter's visit. We are going to do all things "fall" because where she lives there really is none of that......so walks in the woods, visits to cider mills for doughnuts and cider...can't wait.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Red-Tail Hawk

 Hawkfest today and a wonderful day it was. 
I got some great photos.....will post tomorrow. Weather perfect and saw a kettle of broad-winged hawks way high up there.....they were out in full force making many people very happy. They like to follow a cold front and that's what came thru here last night so conditions were perfect. Anyway, I have more pictures and information to post.