Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wooly Bear

This is a Wooly Bear Caterpiller that we came across as he crossed the trail that we were on. He is busy foraging before he builds a cocoon and finds a secure place to spend the winter...under a rock or maybe in some tree bark. In the spring he will emerge as a Isabella Tiger Moth.
There is an old story that the more brown that is on a Wooly, the milder the winter. I think that this has been disproven......as my theory that the more acorns, the harder the winter :-)
If you pick up one of these caterpiller, you may have a problem with a rash or burning on sensitive skin. The hairs on the spine are poisonous (or more likely irritating and painful).

Monday, October 26, 2015

Amy and I Looking for Songbirds

 Amy and I almost got blown away by the wind but it calmed down amongst the trees and the birds were out. Had a nice walk and went to IKEA after for lunch and to shop......another fun day. So sorry to see Amy leave but I was all out of energy anyway. I will see her and the rest of the Mitsuoka family again in April
 Amy, making a new friend!
 I told Amy that it is always a lucky day when you see a Bluebird which turned out not to be true as she had an allergic reaction from some cake that she ate at IKEA. So....Bluebird lucky for some.
 White-breasted Nuthatch
 Fungi on dead tree
 Maple Leaf....Amy said "No. Redwings" Ha!
 Red-bellied Woodpecker
 Aww...how cute.

Autumn is upon us

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Halloween at Greenfield Village

 I thought that this grime reaper was coming after me!!!!
Had fun on the halloween walk at the Village even though we had no kids with us ;-) but Amy and I are just big kids despite our ages. It was a mile walk around the village with real jack o' lanterns lining the path. Scary things all along the way. Really too dark to take pictures but we got a few.

 This was the undertaker trying to sell me a plot in the Village cemetery.....this guy was persistent or he knew something that I don't.
Amy with the pretty witch.
The headless horseman was the best but it was way too dark to get a pic...Amy tried her best. The whole evening was a fun time. I gave all my halloween candy to Tim when we got home.

In My Backyard

 Amy, Tim and Emma
Me with my granddaughter Emma and her Aunt Amy

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Franklin Cider Mill

 Most delious doughnuts ever....better than Apple Charlie's and the cider was pretty good too!

 $15 pie and she bought it!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Amy's Visit

Had so much fun when Amy was here. She came in on Wednesday, Thursday we went to the Franklin Cider Mill. On Friday we spent most of the day cleaning out my storage cubby and closet. Happy to say I had a good clean out and threw lots away. That night we went to the casino and had a nice time. We had dinner there  (thanks Amy), played the slots, watched others gamble on the wheel and listened to live music. Can't remember the last time that I have been out on a Friday night....great fun. Tim and I lost our money but Mrs. Lucky won $50.

MGM Grand Casino

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Having Fun

Having such a good time with my daughter that I haven't had a minute to post. We've been shopping, to lunch and to Franklin Cider Mill. The weather hasn't been the best but we aren't letting that stop us. Last night, Tim, Amy and I went to the MGM Grand Casino. We had dinner, played the slots and listened to a great band. Tim and I lost our money quickly but Amy came out $40 ahead. Some people are just lucky...no skill involved there. But it was a good time.....can't remember the last time I was out on a Friday night. Tim and Amy went out to Apple Charlie's but I wanted to post on this blog and watch the big game ...have a good game #3,  LJ Scott.

Mr. Mallard

at Franklin Cider Mill