Friday, April 29, 2016

Behind the Garden Gate, Charleston, SC

 Of course, we didn't get to see behind any garden gates as that was private property but there were a few that we did get a little glimpse. Instead, we took photos of the gates themselves and just imagined what it looked like behind them. We found one little alley that we spent walking down and I wonder what these people think of tourist gawking at their house....hence the gates, I guess.
The Crepe Myrtles on the left will bloom in the summer.....beautiful I bet.


 Read a mystery once that took place in a house on Tradd......this is the back so I assume the front of the house is on Tradd.
 Love the beautiful patina on these bricks. Some walls are newly built using old bricks.

 You can kind of see back into this garden.....note the 55 1/2 address. You see that a lot in Charleston because some of these houses were once a carriage house on the original property.
 Love this one and love the car.

Another great wall with a great patina

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