Thursday, September 15, 2016


(picture taken at Kensington Metropark last month)
You have all heard me complain about all the sparrows and lack of any other songbirds in my garden. 
So here's the story....I had some old bird seed that I was going to throw away...old and stale. I know the finches won't eat the Niger seed if it is old but I thought "let me put it all out and see if the sparrows will eat it"  as they eat anything generally. Sure enough, they gobbled it up. (I hate that they have taken over my neighborhood).
 I ordered some top size tulip bulbs from Dutch Gardens and they arrived yesterday. This morning I was out in the yard to do a little clean-up, plant about 45 bulbs and also plant some Mums that I got on sale at Lowes. It is a beautiful day and sunny and my morning was made by the morning song of "chick-a-dee-dee-dee". I sat down for awhile to rest my back when the little chickadee came to my feeder. I often hear them but it is a real pleasure to see one in my yard. I generally don't feed the birds because it just attracts sparrows. Wish I could.

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