Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day

I hope that everyone had a great holiday weekend! Here in Michigan today is the official end of summer as our kids start back to school tomorrow.
This weekend was a great one for me....Friday morning was spent at Belle Isle, Saturday, my Crack O' Dawn walk (always fun with my COD friends), Sunday I spent in my garden and today a lovely walk at Kensington Metropark. I'm not sad about summer's end as the Autumn is my favorite season and to celebrate I had brunch at Cracker Barrel, having pumpkin pancakes..... they were delicious.
I met a lot of friends on my walk this morning. At the beginning of Wildwing trail, just past the elbow tree is a large swampy area. It was full wildflowers in bloom.....Joe-Pye-weed, Goldenrod, late summer Asters and Spotted-Touch-Me-Nots. Flitting about were about 5 Hummingbirds and I spent some time just watching them. So many wildflowers....I love to see them from the beginning of summer thru fall.


Friends that I met along the way 
Downy Woodpecker
Little Black-Capped Chickadee
American Goldfinch
 Sandhill Crane
Little Chipmunk 
This guy followed me along the trail, looking for a hand-out

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