Thursday, July 6, 2017

Summer flowers at the Village

The first place I visit when I go to the Village is Cotswold Cottage. I take the train to the station at that end, visit the beautiful garden and then make my way back, visiting gardens along the way. Of course, I end up at the restaurant for lunch. After that I take the Omnibus back to the front. The Village requires a lot of walking so that's how I get around that. Still trying to figure out how to get to the farm....don't think that I can handle that walk there and back but I have never been before and would love to take pictures of the animals.
I love having tea at the cottage garden but never seem to get there at the right time. I'm usually on my way by the time they open. It's a lovely tea but to be avoided in August when the honey bees are a real menace.

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