Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ste. Anne de Detroit Catholic Church

 Ste. Anne's is the 2nd oldest Catholic Parish in the USA.It was founded in 1701 and had several churches built during it's history. It was established when the area was a French colony. This church, built in the Gothic Revival style, was built in 1886. The oldest surviving church records date back to 1704.
Father Gabriel Richard came to Ste. Anne's in 1790 and started a school which would eventually develop as the University of Michigan.
In the above photo you can get an idea where the church is located as you can see the Ambassador Bridge in the background. Today, the church is mostly Hispanic.
 Would like to go back and shoot the church from different perspectives and on all sides, including the back. Would also love to see the inside as well. We didn't have the time when we were there Wednesday.

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