Monday, May 2, 2016

Tulips for cutting

Last fall I had my son dig a trench behind the house and then I went to Lowes and bought a big bag of tulip bulbs. My intention was to have tulips to cut to have in the house. I have been so pleased with the beautiful variety of flowers. I love these orange bulbs. They start out a bronze color, unfold into orange  and open with yellow pretty.
Postponed our tulip photo shoot for today as it is rainy and cold....will try again on Friday.
All done with my is all shiny and sparkling! On to bedroom projects and I'm counting on my son to help me move living room furniture around. Then the garden, the garage.......the work continues, ugh!
Having fun editing my SC pics....trying to be creative. It's like reliving the trip again as I can remember when and where I took each picture.
Saving my pennies for a macro lens and hope to have it by summer. My daughter is selling some of my equipment for me to make up some of the dollars.

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